When people ask me if I went to film school I tell them:
No, I went to films”.

And with those words, I kick off my first personal blog.

– But that quote isn’t yours.

– It was Tarantino’s. But I relate.

– I guess you didn’t go to a film school.

– But I went to films.

– That phrase will work for you if you make a worthwhile movie.

– We’re working on that.

– Now… a personal blog? You??

– What’s the problem?

– I mean, “personal”? I don’t know.

– I’m not about to start sharing any personal details, if that’s what you’re hinting at.

– What are you going to share then?

– Interesting experiences, I guess, that could happen while making movies.

– As if you’d make a movie every year, buddy.

– Well, it could also be reflections related to other films.

– That sounds a bit more realistic.

– Or commenting on things happening in the movie world.

– Then you shouldn’t have called it a “Personal blog”. But okay. Let’s see if you actually do it.

– Why would you say that?

– I mean… talking about other things?

– What’s wrong with that?

– One day you take a side in some controversial situation, the next you’re in “critic” mode… I don’t know. You’ll make enemies very quickly.

– Do you think so?

– I’d even bet it puts you in a less professional place.

– I hadn’t even thought about it.

– Give me an example: what could you “comment” on?

– Mmm… The latest movie by Damián Szifrón.

– “Misanthrope”?

– Why not?

– Are you going to hit him too?

– I didn’t say that.

– American film critics were very harsh.

– Yeah, well… not everyone. Many loved it. Besides, I’m a huge admirer of Damián.

– He’s the creator of “Los Simuladores”.

– Exactly!

– And the one who made “Wild Tales”.

– And “On Probation”. A genius.

– What else?

– Well… It could be something about Fede Alvarez. How he rose so high.

– Do you mean “high” because of Hollywood?

– Yes, of course. And for the tremendous things he achieved.

– Alright, go ahead.

– Or I could comment on the performance of some great actor. Things like that.

– Looks like you’re always going to be throwing roses.

– But you don’t like anything!

– Look: I’d tell you not to waste so much time on that kind of things and focus on writing your own scripts, dear. You haven’t even made a single feature film yet.

– I’m on it.

– On it? When?

– Next year.

– What? Are you kidding me

– What’s up with you?

– You finish the script for that feature, then we’ll talk.

– I’m writing two.

– Well, that’s it. Finish them.

– And also, I’m producing a couple of shorts now.

– There you go. If that makes you feel better…

– Don’t try to downplay me.

– Then show what you’ve got and stop with the small stuff.

– That’s what I’m doing. This is a journey.

– That you started too late.

– That I started when I could.

– Late.

– But I started.

– Alright, what short are you going to make now?

– “The Wandering Actor”: a comedy.

– To make matters worse, a “comedy”? You’re complicating things for yourself.

– And I’m acting in it too.

– Typical. You better make it good, then, or you’ll end up looking like a complete amateur.

– No faith at all.

– Try to make something worthwhile, it’s your life on the line.

– Relax, man. That’s what we’re doing.

– I won’t lie to you: I love hearing about artists who make Uruguay shine. But filmmaking isn’t easy. Especially for people like you who have to work to eat.

– We’re doing it.

– Do it.

– I’m doing it.

– Alright, less talking and more doing.

– “Less”?

– Haha. “MORE”. More talking: but within the script, please.

– Yes. That’s what I’m doing.

Israel Mirenda
(Remember that English is not my native language. Be patient if you find errors!)

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